About Us

Bluestone Asset Management specializes in maximizing the potential of real estate opportunities. Since its inception as a residential property syndicator in Chicago, Bluestone has expanded its activities to include Multifamily, Office, Warehouse, and Retail properties. Its activities now cover the full range of real estate development, including residential, commercial and investment property, in addition to the development of vacant land.

Bluestone has acquired several multifamily complexes in South Texas since December 2010: We have expanded and purchased properties in the Corpus Christi area and the Rio Grande Valley area.

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The general philosophy of the management of the properties is to:

  • Create an environment in which management is able to raise rents by adding amenities such as clubhouses, pools, and workout areas, enhancing landscaping with palm trees and flowers and site aesthetics with new paint and paving work

  • Evaluate employees, keep productive employees & replace non-productive employees

• Monitor budgets and eliminate any unnecessary costs

• Maximize occupancy with aggressive rental programs and marketing

• Negotiate leases from month-to-month tenancy to long term leases

• Install security cameras at every property that can be monitored from local and Chicago offices

Bluestone Office

7855 Gross Point Road
Skokie, IL 60077

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