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Flour Bluff


Flour Bluff is a western suburb of Corpus Christi. Is is located between Corpus and Padre Island. The area has been developed recently- over the past 35 years and includes a mixture of residential, industrial, commercial, and apartment buildings. The neighborhood and immediate area near the subject are expected to remain active with pockets of growth throughout.has grown substantially over the past 35 years, and has become a great place to live.

Bluestone has one property in Flour Bluff: Bay Bluff Apartments.


Eat at Flour Bluff

You can eat with family and friends in Flour Bluff with dinner at places like Bustillos Bbq & Taco Express and drinks at Leaping Lizard. You can stop in at Oasis Pub for an informal drink or head to Alibi Tavern for a round of cocktails, and experience the neighborhood’s local options. Burger King and McDonald’s are both located in the neighborhood.

Family Fun


Flour Bluff has many opportunities to have fun with your family. You can enjoy the waterpark, beaches and the marina.

Location Overview